A video imploring voters to support the election campaign of Bhim Rawal, a leader with the Communist Party of Nepal (UML), is making the rounds on Tiktok. @lokendrasaud4, a TikTok user, shared the video on September 4, 2022, with the caption that read: “Let’s vote for Sun, UML’s election symbol, and help Dr Bhim Rawal, a popular nationalist leader, win the election of House of Representatives from constituency no. 1 of Accham district with an overwhelming majority.”

The 27-second video, posted on Tik Tok on 4 September 2022, has received more than seven thousand likes and 57 comments and has been shared 49 times.


Rawal, a former MP from a constituency in Achham district, is not running for office in the November 20 polls. His party, the UML, denied him a ticket to run for office in the federal election this time. Instead, the UML fielded Jhapat Bohara, another UML leader, as a candidate in the election.

The local party committee had recommended Rawal as a candidate, but the UML central committee turned him down. Following the choice, Rawal criticized the party’s top leadership, alleging a violation of party regulations.

The UML finally decided to field Jhapat Bohara instead of Rawal on October 7, 2022. However, the voters are confused since the TikTok video, posted a month before the decision, is still being shared.

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Vote for Bhim Rawal, the candidate from Achham’s constituency no 1 TikTok userMisleading
Nepal Check verdict after fact-checking the video imploring people to vote for UML leader Bhim Rawal on November 20 in the federal election.