Correction Policy

We at NepalCheck.Org strive to be accurate and credible. But we admit we are not superhumans. We can make mistakes. But we will correct our mistakes in a transparent manner as soon as we spot them. If you notice a mistake or find our reports incomplete or misleading, please inform us. We will act on it promptly.

NepalCheck.Org runs corrections in the following categories:

  1. Correction: It includes major mistakes that change the conclusion of our work. It would drastically change the way we present our findings. In such a case, we add the word “Correction” in the headline and update the report.
  2. Update: If a fact-check requires additional information to clarify its meaning, we add “update” in the headline.
  3. Minor error: For minor errors which do not change the conclusion or finding, we use an asterisk in the text and add the information at the end of the report.
  4. Typos: We correct typos and grammatical errors that do not change the conclusion or finding without mentioning them.

Welcome to Nepal Check

We are a fact-checking platform. We fight bad information. We identify and debunk misinformation. We fact-check claims made by public officials. We also publish credible and accurate report and explain complex issues in simple terms.