A screenshot of a viral video on TikTok claiming schools across Nepal will be closed due to Covid

Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population recently issued a statement urging people to take preventive measures against Covid after a subvariant of Omicron was identified in neighboring nations.

A TikTok account named @tis_me_prashant25, on December 27, posted a video clip with a text that read: “Here’s news: Covid-19 resurfaces [in Nepal]. Again, there’s good news for students.” The clip is accompanied by the following audio: “All schools will be closed beginning December 30.” The post has received 22000 reactions and has been viewed over 661000 times.

Another TikTok user @razzusah11 shared a clip on December 26, showing people strolling with their belongings. The audio superimposed on the clip, said: “Schools across the country will be shut down. The move followed a recommendation by the Health Ministry after a spike in Covid infections.” The post has received almost 20000 reactions and has been viewed over half a million times as of December 28 [screenshot].


Both TikTok posts have one thing in common: They both used audio from a report published by Artha Sarokar, a business news outlet, on April 9, 2021. “Schools across the country will close,” said the female news reader for the outlet. “Following an increase in Covid-19 infections, the Health Ministry has recommended that schools be closed.” According to a report published in The Kathmandu Post on April 10, 2021, the Health Ministry suggested the shutdown after cases of Covid-19 infection were recorded in Kathmandu Valley schools and at a Pokhara engineering college.

A screenshot of a news clip posted by Artha Sarokar on TikTok on April 9, 2021

Many TikTok users shared the Artha Sarokar news clip, but some questioned its veracity. TikTok users take advantage of the platform’s unique feature, which allows them to use soundtracks or audio from other sources. Users also extract videos from other sources. These features have been misused to spread false news. 

TikTok user @tis_me_prashant25 used a video clip showing Trinagar Secondary School in Dhangadhi. While we couldn’t locate the exact video on the Internet, we found a 7-month-old video filmed at a function at the school in Kailali district.

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Schools across the country would shut down starting December 30 due to Covid-19.
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Nepal Check verdict after fact-checking the posts that claimed schools across the country would shut down starting December 30 due to Covid-19.